Old Curiosity Shop - Vintage Flat Cup - Discontinued Charles Dickens Collection – Green Tea Cup

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These dishes were manufactured in the 1950's by Royal China Company in Sebring, Ohio, and designed by Gordon Parker. The dinnerware was not sold as a full boxed-set that included cups, plates and bowls, but rather as individual sets of each item, such as a box of four plates, or a box of four cups, etc. They also manufactured separate serving pieces (such as a teapot and casserole dish) as well as advertising and decorative pieces to compliment the dinnerware. Occasional promotional pieces were offered and individual pieces of the dinnerware were given away with products such as laundry soap.

The Flat Teacup is about 2 inches tall and 3 ½ inches in diameter, and is a forest green in color. It features graphics of a candle, scroll and quill around its sides. This would be a nice start (or addition to) someone's Curiosity shop collection. The set is nostalgic and brings back memories of simper times.

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